Long-Awaited Public Meeting takes place this Evening

Our Public Meeting will take place as planned at 7pm this evening in St Laurence Parish Hall (click the posters below for details).  We hope as many of you as are able come along and pay us a visit.  Meetings can often be dry affairs, but, based upon previous public meetings hosted by the Friends, we’re sure you will find the evening riveting!  There will be various displays relating to the Park’s regeneration at the back of the Hall which we invite you to look at before or after the meeting or during the 20-minute half-time interval.

There will be numerous opportunities to ask questions and voice opinions during the course of the meeting; but if you won’t be able to make it tonight, please feel free to email us (friendsofellingtonpark@gmail.com) and we will ensure your question gets answered.

PUBLICMEETING - 17 Oct  Public Meeting 17.10.14 Agenda

17 October – Friends’ Public Meeting Agenda

The Agenda has now been published for this Friday evening’s Public Meeting (7pm at St Laurence Parish Hall).  A lot to get through but all of the items will be interesting and, no doubt, fruitful.  There will be displays of various kinds around the Hall which will be available for viewing before and after the Meeting as well as during the half-time break (20 minutes).  We look forward to seeing you there.

Public Meeting 17.10.14 Agenda