Wildlife Garden gets a Bug Cube!

We are absolutely delighted to be able to unveil the “Bug Cube” for our Wildlife Garden!  As you can see (below), the Bug Cube is effectively a giant, elaborate form of insect hotel, and, along with the two other insect hotels (kind donor still unknown to us!), is a very welcome addition to the Park.  All we have to do now is wait for the little creatures of various descriptions to colonise these new structures.

The Cube has been wonderfully hand-made and very kindly donated to us by Simon – a local volunteer in Newington, pictured below with his work – on behalf of the Newington Big Local. All of the materials were resourced from the beautiful Newington Copse!

Our very grateful thanks to Simon and the team from Newington.

You can find out more about the Newington Big Local by clicking here – it’s well worth a visit, as is the Newington Copse, which, after many years of neglect, is, thankfully, now looked after by the team from the Newington Big Local.

Simon standing next to his excellent product
Simon standing next to his excellent product

The Mystery of the Insect Hotels!

We have very kindly been donated two, superbly-built “insect hotels”, which will be perfect for the Wildlife Garden.  Both were left on the doorstep of a committee member’s house.  As you can see from the pics below, they are magnificent, and we would really love to hear from the generous person(s) who constructed them, so that we can thank them properly for their kind efforts.  (You can reach us via the “Get in touch” section of this website, or by calling us on (01843) 279275).

As a gesture of thanks, we would love to invite the maker to choose whereabouts in the Wildlife Garden they would like the hotels to go!  At present, we have decided to refer to them as “B(ee) & B(ee)s”, and may even get a little sign to that effect.  Any improvements on that nickname would be most welcome!

Insect Hotel 2                Insect Hotel 1

All Six Dogs now in Wildlife Garden

As many regular visitors to the Park may have clocked already, all six dog sculptures are now in the Wildlife Garden! (Although their final resting place may change in time.)

They stand as a memorial to Katherine Sprackling and her six dogs who were butchered to death on the Ellington Estate (now the Park) in 1652.

As well as the heritage element to the sculptures, we hope both children and adults have fun spotting them when the garden reaches completion.

Wooden Dog by Steve
#1 Wood – carved by Steve Andrews, who is also responsible for the other wonderful wood carvings around the Park
Topiary Dogs
#2 and #3 – Topiary. We’re sincerely hoping that #3 (in the foreground) grows a tail in due course!
Stone Dog
#4 Stone – looking contented
Brazed Stone Dog
#5 Brazed Stone – very regal
Dog Sculpture by Donna 2
#6 Stainless Steel Wire – by the excellent local sculptor, Donna Fleming, whose studio is literally right opposite the Park