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If you haven’t been yet, do go along to the St Lawrence Parish Hall to experience the Between the Saint and the Sea exhibition. 

It’s full of fascinating photographs and artefacts all about our Parish … and it’s growing all the time with people bringing in their family memorabilia and memories.  You can listen to local people’s memories of Ramsgate – and sign up to have your memories recorded for posterity!

There are activities for children too – the Ancestral Hat Box lets children try on real hats; and for those of you that love motorcycles, there’s a beautifully restored sprint bike from the 1960s.

For more details, have a listen to Rob Holden’s interview with Bill Pitt from Academy FM.

The exhibition is open 10am – 4pm until Saturday 17th of September … and don’t forget the afternoon events at 3pm and evening talks starting at 7pm!

Walk & Talk Schedule

At St Laurence Parish Hall, CT11 0QW, unless stated:

Saturday 3rd
“Seashells and Inkwells” ~ Terry & Janet Prue 7pm – 9pm
Many famous (and maybe infamous) writers have visited or lived in Ramsgate: this is your chance to come and be fascinated by our connection with Ramsgate’s literary heritage. Terry and Janet have a wealth of knowledge to pass on in an interesting and accessible way!

Tuesday, 6th
Tour the historic Ellington Park ~ Pat Scutt – 3pm – 4pm
Hear all about the ‘murder most foul’ in Ellington Park as well as the tunnels, the memento mori and much more. The park has full disability access, and Pat won’t rush you round – that’s a promise.

Meet at the Bandstand in Ellington Park at 3pm

RSPB, Birds in Thanet ~ Pete Finlay – 7pm – 9pm
The range of birds that live in, or visit Thanet will astound you! Beware! Pete’s talk will have you rushing out to buy binoculars so you can see them for yourself.

Wednesday, 7th
Blitz Walk ~ Bob Pryor – 3pm – 4pm
Visit the places and hear the stories from the front line of Britain’s heaviest bombed seaside town. Relive the dark days of the war in the heaviest bombed seaside town in the country.

Meet at Ramsgate Library at 3pm

Ramsgate in Pictures ~ Ralph Hoult – 7pm – 9pm
Ralph is the master of all things Ramsgate, yet always comes up with something new to impart. Don’t miss his fascinating talk about Ramsgate and photographs of places you know.

Thursday, 8th
Tour the intriguing St Laurence Churchyard ~ Barbara Byne – 3pm – 4pm
Barbara’s tours of the churchyard are always an eye-opener so do join this fascinating tour of the historic churchyard, resting place of royalty and many famous people. Combine history with nature and spot wild flowers.

Meet in St Laurence Churchyard at 3pm

The Licencing Trade ~ Pat Corby – 7pm – 9pm
If you have a favourite tipple (or even if you don’t) come and learn about the Licencing Trade in Ramsgate from Pat, a licensee of many years standing.

Friday, 9th
The Royal Harbour Hotel – 3pm – 4pm
Come and have a cup of tea in the splendour of the Royal Harbour Hotel. See the beautiful photographs and memorabilia displayed in the Empire Room. Luxury!

Meet in Nelson Place. First 15 only – so book your place now by emailing friendsofellingtonpark@gmail.com.

Bats! ~ Shirley Thompson – 7pm – 9pm
No, Shirley isn’t bats … but you’ll be bats about bats when you’ve listened to her talk about these wonderful creatures.

Saturday, 10th
The Ramsgate Society ~ John Walker – 3pm – 4pm
The respected Ramsgate Society has a long history of its own and is looking to preserve the unique heritage that Ramsgate has to offer, for future generations. John won’t only tell you about their successful projects but also tell you how you can be involved.

A Ramsgate Artist ~ Colin Carter – 7pm – 9pm
If speed is your thing and you don’t know Colin’s work, you’ve missed a trick! Colin is a world renowned motorsport artist and has painted all the great drivers and riders from all genres of motor racing from Formula 1 to Indianapolis.

Sunday, 11th
Albion House Hotel – 3pm – 4pm
Enjoy a cup of tea whilst you remember when Albion House was used as offices by the Council – see the fabulous improvements (you won’t recognise the old place!) Yet the new owners have incorporated many of the fascinating original features.

Meet in Albion Place. First 15 only – so book your place now by emailing friendsofellingtonpark@gmail.com.

Film Night ~ French cult film show – 7pm – 9pm
Working in partnership with Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival we are showing the French cult film “A nous les petites Anglaises” … filmed in Ramsgate in 1976, see if you can spot the landmarks of the time.

Tuesday, 13th
Lace making demonstration ~ Pam Norman – 3pm – 4pm
Ever wondered how lace is made? Ever wanted to make it yourself? Maybe you’re just crafty and like to know how things are made. Now’s your chance to see this ancient craft for real.

History and future of the Sprint ~ Tim Hart – 7pm – 9pm
Held annually from 1956-1968 Ramsgate Sprint was one of the country’s leading events playing host to the nation’s top riders. Half a century later the Ramsgate Sprint Revival relived the sights, sounds and smells of the event when classic bikes of the period returned to the historic venue at Ramsgate’s Western Undercliff. If you love motorbikes, don’t miss Tim’s talk!

Wednesday, 14th
Tour of the Lifeboat Station ~ 2pm – 4pm
With the recent tragic events at Camber, this tour and talk will be especially poignant. Learn about our heroic Lifeboat Men and all about safety at sea.

Meet at the Ramsgate R.N.L.I. Lifeboat Station, Western Crosswall, CT11 9RN

Old St Lawrence ~ Ralph Hoult – 7pm – 9pm
Mr Ramsgate knows all there is to know about old St Lawrence, so be sure to come and listen to his enthralling talk and see the absorbing photographs of the parish.

Thursday 15th
The Costumed Walks ~ Jenny Smith – 3pm – 4pm
Jenny and her team of ‘costumed characters’ give a special sparkle to being in Ramsgate! Meet famous characters that have lived or visited Ramsgate and hear about their lives, loves and tribulations!

Ramsgate Town’s Insignia ~ Malcolm ‘Mac’ Wilkinson – 7pm – 9pm
Mac is Ramsgate’s Town Sergeant, so is the perfect person to tell you about our town’s insignia. Who donated the Mace? What does the Mayor’s chains signify? … and much more.

Friday, 16th
Tour of St Laurence Church ~ Margaret Bolton – 3pm – 4pm
The church was probably founded shortly before the Norman Conquest, around 1062, making it the oldest building in Thanet apart from the Abbey itself. The St Augustine window by local artist Denis le Fevre is worth a visit of its own. Margaret’s captivating tour will astound you.

Meet in St Laurence Church at 3pm

The Lifeboat Service – 7pm – 9pm
If you weren’t able to do the tour of the Lifeboat Station (or even if you were!) this talk by the RNLI will open your eyes to the fantastic service offered to everyone, but of particular interest to residents of a seaside town with a Royal Harbour.

Saturday, 17th
Forgotten Tourist films of Ramsgate – 3pm – 4pm
Working in partnership with Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival we are showing three shorts that were originally made by the Ramsgate Tourist Office. What memories they will bring back!

A New Heritage for St Lawrence Intra, Extra and Ramsgate ~ Brian Daubney – 7pm – 9pm
Remarkably, with a recognised rich past and present, much of it and more remains unknown. The reality, range and influence of this tiny enclave is astonishing: it is full of surprises, intriguing, entertaining and even moving. Brian will amaze you with the breadth and depth of his knowledge of Ramsgate.

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