A red-letter day for the frogs in Ellington Park

As last spring, the frogs have been making merry with a vengeance and this has resulted in masses of frog spawn in the main pond. Unfortunately, the goldfish ate much of it last year – great for the fish, not so hot for the potential frogs – and one of our supporters, Katie, came up with a solution… a nursery pond!

So, on March 14 a wonderful group of volunteers from Pfizer came into the wildlife area in the park. These lovely women and men worked very hard in trying conditions; they waded through mud in the bog garden and installed a [donated] pond liner as the ‘nursery pond’ for the frogs. Using water from the main pond, they transferred water, weeds, and spawn into the new pond – and then these kind volunteers spend several more hours scarifying around the hedging.

Our grateful thanks to everyone who worked so hard!

Now it’s up to all of us to make sure that no fish are introduced into the new pond … please keep your eyes peeled and discourage anyone you see in the wildlife area with buckets full of fish! As goldfish aren’t a native species, we tried to stop having them in the park at all. Alas, some people don’t appear to understand the concept of a ‘wildlife area’ and now they’re in, and lots of children like to feed them, so if we can keep the nursery pond fish-free, then everyone gets what they want.