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Volunteering Team from Pfizer’s have Fun in the Sun!

On the hottest day of the year last week, a merry and hard-working band of volunteers from Pfizer descended on Ellington Park to plant a series of beautiful rosebushes around the outside of the Wildlife Garden.

As well as complementing the area with their natural beauty, these new bushes will also benefit the Wildlife Garden’s inhabitants – particularly a number of bird species, who will feed off them – and as an added bonus, it is hoped that their prickly thorns will act as a deterrent to potential vandals when the time comes to remove the temporary boundary fencing surrounding the Wildlife Garden.

The team, led on the day by Kay, also helped to plant a new tree near the Wildlife Garden by way of a private memorial to a much-loved family member of a regular Park user.

Chair of the Friends, Beverley Perkins said, “Our very grateful thanks go to the ladies and gentlemen from Pfizer who took part in the planting project on what was a swelteringly hot day! It was wonderful to see them all smiling and a great day was had by all.”

There are still 1,000 Pfizer employees based at the company’s site on Ramsgate Road near Sandwich, and Pfizer allows them to do five days every year of volunteering for important causes.

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