As a community group, we are guided by our governing document, the Constitution, which, above all, sets out the Friends’ aims – as well as our powers and duties in working to fulfill them.

In an exciting development, at the 2014 Annual General Meeting, it was unanimously resolved by the Friends of Ellington Park’s Members, to revise the Constitution, so as to professionalise it and prepare us for the next stage of our journey to restore the Park to its former glory.  We invite you to take a look at our new-look Constitution, which can be accessed here: Constitution

You will see that our overriding aims are to: “promote the use of Ellington Park as a recreational and educational area and a safe environment for wildlife”.  In order to support these aims, the Friends will:

  • Seek to improve the Park’s facilities to encourage recreation and education
  • Promote awareness of the history of the park
  • Encourage a sense of community around the area of the park
  • Promote such schemes as will benefit and nurture wildlife
  • Raise funds through grants and fundraising activities to support the development of the Park
  • Keep all members of the Friends informed about developments,  consulting regularly about developments and encourage Park users to join the Friends
  • Affiliate with any Body whose objectives may be of benefit to the Park
  • Represent the interests of the users of the Park to the Local Authority and other bodies.

At present, we are what is known as an “unincorporated association”.  But with our updated Constitution, we hope to become a “charitable incorporated organisation” in the near future, making fundraising more accessible and giving the Friends a legal identity of its own.  We will be sure to keep you informed when this happens.

The Friends of Ellington Park is a committee made up of a group of local residents and park users committed to improving the facilities and environment of Ellington Park in Ramsgate, Kent.

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