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Children’s Play Area Partially Re-Opened

We are very pleased to announce that Thanet Council has re-opened the Children’s Play Area – at least in part.  The piece of apparatus most affected by the fire (in last year’s arson attacks) remains cordoned off, but the undamaged parts of the Play Area are now available for children to play in.

The Friends would like to thank the Council for taking this step at long last.  We would also like to thank those who have repeatedly been in contact with the Council to keep the plight of the Play Area at the forefront of the officers’ minds.  The hideous acts of arson and then the subsequent closure of the Children’s Area have been the cause of a lot of upset for local children and their parents, but we hope this latest development indicates that it won’t be too long now until the rest of the Area is restored.

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Children’s Play Area Statement

Below is a statement from the Friends of Ellington Park in respect of the children’s play area in the Park. which was so sadly destroyed by arsonists last autumn.  It is an excerpt from our latest members’ newsletter, released last week – but we feel it may be of interest to non-members too, given how many people ask us what the latest is on the play area’s restoration, and general strength of feeling:

Play Area Update